About Us

Basic CMYKWe believe that all children are unique and special gifts from God. Our mission is to create an environment where every child will feel safe and secure and have the opportunity to develop at his or her own individual pace.  

– Our learning environment involves children, and encourages them to
investigate their world while taking an active role in their classroom community.

-Daily opportunities are provided for problem solving, critical thinking, and socialization.

– We strive to assist each child in attaining the skills necessary for social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual growth.

Goals of the preschool program are:
 To prepare children to succeed in kindergarten and the future.
 To foster a lifetime love of learning.
 To guide children in physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development.
 To allow children to learn through play and real experiences.
 To provide a Christian atmosphere where children are valued and loved.

Come join the First Presbyterian Preschool Family! If you would like to schedule a tour of our facilities and meet our staff you can give us a call, email, or come on by!
$145 monthly tuition
1’s T\TH
2’S T\TH
3’S T\TH

$190 monthly tuition
1’s M\W\F
2’S M\W\F
3’S M\W\F
Pre K T\W\TH

$275 monthly tuition
2’S M-F
3’S M-F
Pre K M-F

$395 monthly tuition
Pre K M-F

Early Risers
$4 per visit

Lunch Bunch
$5 per hour
Early Risers and Lunch
Bunch are drop-in
programs for your